First Responders

When managing an emergency, protecting lives and the environment requires a concerted team effort with local emergency responders. Williams has a long history of emergency preparedness and we routinely work with local emergency responders and planning agencies to ensure safe operations of our facilities.

Company representatives meet regularly with firefighters, emergency management officials, law enforcement officers, public officials, and planning agencies to review emergency response procedures and conduct annual emergency response drills. Safety drills, also known as tabletops, address how to respond in the event of an emergency and the essential steps to ensure public safety.

In addition to training emergency responders, Williams also makes it a priority to help fund these organizations and agencies, providing them with adequate resources and equipment to ensure safe operations of our facilities within local communities.

More than $150,000 was recently awarded to support emergency response organizations and efforts as part of our Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant Program. These grants will help first responders more effectively and safely serve their communities.

Many of our employees serve as volunteer firefighters across our operating areas. We’re proud to support our employees – like Glenn Cushenbery, a senior tech specialist in our Waynoka field office – who serves as a volunteer firefighter with the Alva Fire Department in Oklahoma. For Glenn, it’s a family tradition. His dad is a retired full-time Alva firefighter while his son currently serves with the department full-time.

Through Williams’ Homegrown Giving program, Glenn requested and received a grant of $2,500 to help provide breathing apparatus for new firefighters.