At Williams, we’re committed to protecting the relationship of trust and respect we’ve worked hard to establish with landowners and farming neighbors along our pipeline corridors. We take extra steps to ensure landowners who may be affected by one of our pipelines are part of the planning process. Our goal is to treat them fairly, both through financial compensation and by protecting and restoring their land.

We operate more than 33,000 miles of pipeline across the United States and have built positive, lasting relationships with landowners and communities over many decades. Those who own the land that our pipelines traverse have granted us the privilege of establishing a permanent easement across their land. The landowners retain ownership and the use of their land, with certain limitations. The easement only gives us the right to construct, operate, and maintain a pipeline.

We’re responsible for the safe operations of our pipelines and count on those who live and work along the pipeline to let us know if they notice anything unusual like unauthorized activity or abnormal conditions.

To ensure public safety, we continuously monitor our systems through a combination of safety programs:

  • Low-flying aircraft regularly patrol pipeline routes
  • Visual ground inspections
  • Computerized systems report and record line pressure 24 hours a day at staffed pipeline control centers

Through our Public Awareness Program, we regularly mail information to homes along the right of way to remind landowners to call 811 before they dig or conduct any excavation activities.

These mailers also provide information on how to recognize a leak, what to do if you suspect a leak, and potential hazards of the product being transported in the pipelines.