Process Safety

Williams is committed to maintaining the highest standards of process and employee safety. The company carefully monitors assets, trains its employees, and encourages them to raise concerns – all toward the assurance that people and property remain safe.

Process and employee safety are top priorities for Williams. No incident on the job is acceptable. We work every day toward the goal of reducing and eliminating incidents.

Williams has developed an enhanced comprehensive integrity management plan and a process safety management plan. From regular inspections to highly trained personnel monitoring all systems, Williams has implemented a thorough plan to ensure process and employee safety.

As part of our commitment to safety, our Safety & Operational Discipline team began sharing the following process safety metrics in 2017 to monitor our progress:

  • Process safety incidents
  • Safety system activations
  • Accidental ignitions
  • Loss of primary containment

Our Williams Integrated Management System (WIMS) is the platform from which we provide policies, requirements, guidelines, procedures, standards, specifications, and other documents that are used to design, build, operate, and maintain our assets. WIMS defines how we manage and reduce physical risk to our assets and people. We’re committed to continuous improvement and conducting business safely, efficiently, and reliably, as well as reducing physical risk to our assets, in order to achieve the greatest benefit for all stakeholders.