Corporate Governance

At Williams, we’re committed to running our business with the integrity and openness that is at the heart of our Core Values & Beliefs.

The focus on corporate governance throughout the boardrooms of America is as much about the quality of information companies provide, as it is about the quantity of information. On both scores, Williams’ board and the company’s management have taken a number of steps to strengthen the governance of the company and ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and related Securities & Exchange Commission regulations.

Corporate Governance Principles

Our Williams and Williams Partners boards of directors meet applicable independence requirements and are well positioned to carry out their functions as governing bodies on behalf of stockholders and unitholders.

The boards’ Corporate Governance Principles reflect New York Stock Exchange listing standards as well as regulatory requirements and rest on a foundation of long-standing governance principles of Williams and Williams Partners. The boards recognize that governance principles will continue to evolve and need to be reviewed and updated in light of changing circumstances. Click here for more information about our corporate governance practices.

Ethics Compliance Structure

Williams has an organizational structure in place to address business ethics issues.


Code of Business Conduct
The Code of Business Conduct provides guidance for our behavior, provides specific direction for corporate governance, and give us options for reporting our concerns or suspected violations of the Code. This is a practical guide designed to help us put our Core Values & Beliefs into action when performing our day-to-day work duties.


Williams Reporting Potential Violations
Williams encourages its employees to report a suspected violation of any law, regulation or company policy. An employee should seek guidance from their normal reporting channels: supervisor, next levels of management, or HR Business Partner. In addition, employees are welcome to contact Williams Business Ethics Resource Center (BERC) at 918-573-3284 or the Williams Action Line at 1-800-324-3606 or make an online report at The Action Line is operated by an independent third party to ensure confidentiality and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can remain anonymous if you choose.

The company understands employees may be reluctant to report violations or complaints if they believe the reporting employee will be subjected to retaliation. It is against company policy for employees to engage in or tolerate retaliation or any form of harassment directed against an employee who reports a suspected problem in good faith.


Political Contributions & Lobbying
Public policy decisions can affect Williams’ businesses and it is in the best interest of the company, its employees and stakeholders to be engaged in the political process at the federal, state, and local level. Williams participates in the political process through contributions from the Williams Political Action Committee (WILLCO PAC) and through company contributions where legal and appropriate under state law.