Environmental Excellence

Williams believes that developing natural gas infrastructure in a responsible way is vital to the sustainability of our company, the communities in which we live and work, and our industry.

It’s more than compliance, it’s protection. We work hard to minimize impacts to landowners and the environment. Williams utilizes pipeline corridors within or adjacent to existing utility corridors, when practical, to minimize environmental disturbances.

Clearing the Air

For its work to increase the reliability of compression while reducing air pollutant emissions at Ignacio, Williams was recognized by the Southern Gas Association.

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Recycling Energy

At Williams’ natural gas processing plant just outside Durango, Colorado, instead of pumping heat into the atmosphere, we’re capturing it to make electricity.

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Protecting Endangered Bats

Our Dalton Expansion Project has created the unique opportunity for Williams to support efforts to protect three threatened or endangered species of bats in northwestern Georgia.

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Environmental Stewardship Recognition

Williams partnered with The Conservation Fund to develop an environmental stewardship program to protect and enhance the natural environment in the area surrounding its proposed Atlantic Sunrise project.

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