Reporting & Performance

It’s our responsibility to gather, process and transport clean natural gas in a way that is safe, respectful to communities, and environmentally sound.

Developing and operating infrastructure responsibly is not only the right thing to do but is vitally important to the future of our planet. The companies that are known for transparency, community partnerships, and responsible operations will be in a better position to contribute to our country’s economic, social, and environmental goals as we help grow the nation’s energy infrastructure.

Emissions Reporting

We’re proud of our role in bringing clean natural gas to communities across the country. We understand our responsibility to reduce our own carbon footprint and consistently monitor and report on our emissions.

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Collaborative Research

Williams participates in a joint industry, academic, environmental, and government studies to better estimate methane emissions from the natural gas industry.

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Incident Rate Information

Safe operations is paramount to our success as a prudent operator and we strive to operate safely in everything we do, every day.

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